My Fictional Net, and Encryption

When I began the multi-book storyline, The Project Saga, I had the opportunity to re-invent the Internet from scratch.  Or rather my self-aware AI character Hodgepodge did.  In the first book, Star Time, the existing internet was fried by EMP caused by the Betelgeuse supernova.  After Hodgepodge was put back together from the components wrapped… Continue reading My Fictional Net, and Encryption

My Favorite Book

As a writer sitting at my table, showing off all the books I’ve written, I frequently get asked, “What’s your favorite book?”  That’s a very hard question to answer, because I have very strong feelings about all my books.  I wouldn’t have written them otherwise.  None of these are commissioned works designed to meet somebody… Continue reading My Favorite Book

InDesign vs Word for Book Layout

For the past few days, I’ve been learning InDesign by diving in and laying out my next book, due out probably March 2009.  This post is a first impression, considering I’m just learning with less than a week’s exposure to it. Five previous full size books were laid out using Mac Microsoft Word 10, so… Continue reading InDesign vs Word for Book Layout