My Favorite Book

As a writer sitting at my table, showing off all the books I’ve written, I frequently get asked, “What’s your favorite book?”  That’s a very hard question to answer, because I have very strong feelings about all my books.  I wouldn’t have written them otherwise.  None of these are commissioned works designed to meet somebody else’s order.
So, instead of answering the question, I usually try to read the person talking to me and try to figure out what they would like best.  That usually works.
However, I’ve decided to write a little introduction to each book, telling you what I feel about it.  In essence, I’ll describe why every book is my favorite.
I’ll be posting these little descriptions every few days on my site, and then collect them all on the  wordpress archive for future reference. 

If you read them all, you’ll probably be able to make your own judgement about which book is my favorite — at least from your perspective.