Writing Tools, Today’s Version

I’ve been writing for decades, and much of my life, I’ve been hunting for the right tools and the right workflow to let me write effortlessly.  I’ve progressed from school brad binders and lined paper, to typewriters and home-built dedicated word-processors.  I’ve built computers from scratch and written software in assembly code.  For a big… Continue reading Writing Tools, Today’s Version

InDesign vs Word for Book Layout

For the past few days, I’ve been learning InDesign by diving in and laying out my next book, due out probably March 2009. ┬áThis post is a first impression, considering I’m just learning with less than a week’s exposure to it. Five previous full size books were laid out using Mac Microsoft Word 10, so… Continue reading InDesign vs Word for Book Layout

Fighting Word’s Grammar Checker

I have quite a love-hate relationship with Word’s built-in spelling and grammar checker. More hate than love, I think. Today, I’m in one long marathon checking session, running through the whole 500 page manuscript. It’s enough to turn a brain to jelly. Look at what it found, make a decision, click. Repeat. It the program… Continue reading Fighting Word’s Grammar Checker