Writing Tools, Today’s Version

I’ve been writing for decades, and much of my life, I’ve been hunting for the right tools and the right workflow to let me write effortlessly.  I’ve progressed from school brad binders and lined paper, to typewriters and home-built dedicated word-processors.  I’ve built computers from scratch and written software in assembly code.  For a big… Continue reading Writing Tools, Today’s Version

InDesign CS5.5, ePubs and Blockquotes

Juggling ebooks never ends, does it.  I have been working to leverage the enhancements to InDesign in its CS5.5 incarnation, hoping to streamline my ebook production.  Ideally, I’d create one copy of the book, formatted for trade paperback, and then with the use of the Articles panel, remove and re-order to eliminate some excess not… Continue reading InDesign CS5.5, ePubs and Blockquotes

Double Spacing from iPhone Notes to InDesign

Since many of my new stories are created in the Notes application of iPhone and iPad, I just recently ran up against a new issue while formatting the results in InDesign for my latest novel.  My standard text formatting for print uses a single space between sentences.  While composing in Notes, a double-space will add… Continue reading Double Spacing from iPhone Notes to InDesign