InDesign CS5.5, ePubs and Blockquotes

Juggling ebooks never ends, does it.  I have been working to leverage the enhancements to InDesign in its CS5.5 incarnation, hoping to streamline my ebook production.  Ideally, I’d create one copy of the book, formatted for trade paperback, and then with the use of the Articles panel, remove and re-order to eliminate some excess not… Continue reading InDesign CS5.5, ePubs and Blockquotes

InDesign CS5 ePub Export

Another novel, another excursion into e-book conversions.  But this time, it’s with all new software.  InDesign has bumped up to CS5, and of course Sigil and Calibre have both had numerous updates since I used them the last time.  The process has gone much smoother. Step 1, make minor formatting changes in InDesign to remove… Continue reading InDesign CS5 ePub Export