Adding books to Pubit

I’ve been wanting to add to my list of markets where my ebooks could be purchased for some time. My paper versions were there, but the ePub route eluded me. In my usual fumbling way, I couldn’t seem to find the magic gateway.  Well, maybe it was because they were still working on it.  Of course, it had to happen while I’m on the road and behind the wheel most of every day, so I won’t be adding them in bulk.  If I’m lucky, I’ll do one per day.

The Pubit website is fairly straightforward, about as easy as Amazon and iTunes Connect to manage.  They all need the same information, after all.  You enter the metadata like title, author, ISBN, etc.  You upload the ePub files (which I already have), and the cover art.  You check the mark that says you don’t want DRM added, and then confirm that you have the rights to publish it.  That’s about it. If I had a good workday at home I could get all of my titles uploaded in a day or so.

Instead, I’m enjoying the fall colors and scenery here in Wisconsin (today),  I’ll be heading north as soon as I check out of the motel room, heading for the UP.