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The Download Page has been updated

The Download page, available from the menubar, contains a variety of reference sheets, such as the catalog, a maturity guide for young readers, and other things that might help a reader know what to look for.  Occasionally, I’ll update the

Black Friday – Cyber Monday

Yielding to the culture of the season, I’ve decided to have a little Black Friday sale of my own, right here on my website. Friday through through Monday, the discount code 201425 will work to give you a 25% discount

How to Get the Latest Info

I’m gearing up for a number of promotions, contests, etc. and I want to make sure you don’t miss them.  Now I know that there are a variety of ways that people follow events on the internet and I know

Special Discount for Visitors here

For a little while, while I’m in the process of getting this website up and running, I am trying to show my appreciation for your tolerance by putting a 20% discount on anything bought on my Market. It’s running the

I’ve added a link to my book trailers

The YouTube link at the top of the page goes to my uploaded videos.  I’ve highlighted the ones designed as book trailers — only a few thus far.  There are a few other things as well; travel and nature videos.

A New Blog, ** sigh **

One would think I have enough blogs. There’s Idle Thoughts on Blogspot, my Facebook Author page, and my Online Magazine. Perhaps if I get energetic, I’ll consider merging them, but for now, this blog will be about changes to my

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