Reworking My Site

Just totally off topic, do you know how many people think website is spelled “web sight”? Too many, I tell you. But back to what I meant to say.

I’ve been working on a new novel that I may put out as a Kindle-only, or Kindle-first book, just as an experiment in low-cost, fast-production work. Anyway, in this story the main character has to make a website to advertise his new iPhone app. Considering the way I work, it made me go tinker with my own website. It had gotten very bad lately (I also downloaded Xcode and am experimenting with writing a phone app, but that’s another story).

The problem with my website ( and several other names) is that I based it on the wrong theme several years ago when I switched over to WordPress. Over time, this theme vendor made it impossible to set or customize many of the features without buying the expensive subscription version. As a result, since I’m too cheap to spend tons of money on a website that wan’t pulling any paying customers anyway, I wasn’t able to make the main menu of the site clear.

So, in frustration I switched back to a default WordPress theme and threw away many of the clever widgets that I thought were so cool at the time. The resulting site is cleaner and easier to navigate, and with a new page that lists all of my books in one place, much easier to look around. I’ll probably add back widgets that make sense, but for now I’m happy with the change.