New Novel: Hexing the Circle

And no, it’s not a witchcraft book…

Cover art for Hexing the Circle

I had an idea for a story about an ordinary college student that just happened to stumble upon an alien artifact, along with all the trials that brought to his life. Once I started, the story came together very quickly.

Although I’ve gotten my shots, it still doesn’t look like I’ll be returning to the conventions very quickly, so I’m putting this book as a Kindle only for now. That saves on my expenses (making a trade paperback version costs me a lot more than an ebook) and also lets me get the book out there faster. Of course, if it sells well, then I can put out the paper copy quickly enough as well.

If you like tales of the unexplained and suddenly increased mental powers, I recommend this one.

Here’s the backside blurb (on a book with no back side):

Stargazing one summer night, college student Dale Walker was in the right place to recover an intriguing meteoric fragment, a thin hexagonal crystal. However, when he put it on his forehead, like a cosplay ornament, it wouldn’t come off!  And that was just the beginning of the changes that mistake brought to his life. When he regained consciousness, his memory and perceptions were enhanced, but his wasn’t a comic book life. There were no evil villains or saving the world. Instead, how was he going to go to his job interview with a bandage plastered over his forehead to hide his own stupidity? Plus, with his enhancements the veils were off and he could see the flaws in everything from online games to movies, and the secrets his friends hid were showing through.

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