Caught in a Bind

Well, I made a mistake.  I thought that although all my events were shutting down that I could still sell autographed books from home.  I mean I already had my online web store where people could click the Buy link in the menu and browse the books, choose one or more and then I’d sign them at my home at my desk, bundle them in a bubble envelope and mail them off.

And then the first book order arrived after the COVID-19 shutdown.

Okay.  I said I could do this.

I pulled out my gloves and face mask, pulled the book out of the sealed box that hadn’t been opened since the infections began, signed it and sealed it in the envelope.

Autographing a book during a pandemic

All was going to plan.  I even had plenty of postage stamps, more than I’d need.

I went to the USPS website and calculated what the postage would be.

That’s when I saw the notice.  Anything over ten ounces had to be mailed from the post office.  The book in the envelope was just under fourteen ounces.  My family has made it very clear that I can’t leave the house.

So much for my idea of putting the envelope in the mailbox with the flag up.

Now, I’m waiting to see if I can get one of my helpful family members or friends to take it to the post office for me.

This is not going to work. 

So, I’ve flipped the switch on my web store.  You can browse the books, read the advertising copy, but not place an order.

My paper books are all available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble Online, Books a Million, and other online bookstores.  There are ebook versions as well, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, and Google.  All are good options.

But books from me, autographed, and mailed by my hand are temporarily unavailable until my family allows me to go to the post office.  Sorry.

And Jose, if I can’t get your book mailed in the next day or so, I’ll push the refund back to you.  I’ll let you know.