Month: January 2015

My Favorite Book: Kingdom of the Hill Country

As I was writing Star Time, I introduced a couple of young kids, with just a hint as to their future. (Hint was given by a prophet, so it was pretty reliable.) Kingdom of the Hill Country was my first

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My Favorite Book: Star Time

As a college student, I wrote a novel in long-hand, in three-ring binders.  There was a genius inventor who fought an aerial battle with aliens using his high-tech car to rescue the girl.  This was even before I could type,

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My Favorite Book: Beneath The Amarillo Plains

When it comes to blending my personal history into my fiction, I brought out a few extras this time.  I grew up in Amarillo Texas, from first grade through two years at Amarillo College.  When I finally gave in the

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My Favorite Book: Breaking Anchor

It would make my life easier if I just wrote one kind of novel — some easily classifiable category.  Many of mine fit my Small Towns, Big Ideas label, but some do not.  This is one. Chicago isn’t a small

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My Favorite Book: The Copper Room

My wife is a workaholic.  She always schedules more than a reasonable person can accomplish. So one idle science-fictiony thought caught in her brain and she mentioned it over and over for years — the idea of a room where

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My Favorite Book: Bearing Northeast

In 2009, I had an opportunity for a big Canada trip, starting in Saskatchewan and traveling east, stopping in Montreal for the Worldcon where I picked up my Golden Duck award for Lighter Than Air. After that, we kept going

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