Preparing for Event Season

IMG_1505It’s been a couple of months since I’ve had a table at a book event and one is coming up before too long.  Although I’ve been selling books from my website during this slow time, I do make most of my sales when I can meet potential readers in person.

So, in spite of my work getting new books produced, I need to take the time to check my inventory and make sure I have enough books to meet the demand. (You can see the yellow-topped Beneath the Amarillo Plains in its transparent box.  Not too many left from my last order from the printer. Time to reorder.)

I monitor my inventory using Quickbooks, but there’s always a need for a manual count to weed out damaged books or possibly ones lost in the hectic business of setting up and taking down so many display tables.

So, I’ll be putting away my Santa hat and digging into all my boxes.  Wish me luck.