What’s Up Next

Today, I’m working on two very different books.  I can’t show you the covers yet, but I will soon.

The next novel up is Free U’tanse and follows the events of Tales of the U’tanse which came out December 2012.  The U’tanse are humans, captured by the Cerik aliens in Star Time.  Their decendants are enslaved on the planet Ko, trapped by their powerful and vicious masters, and by the poisonous atmosphere of the planet itself.  The U’tanse have inherited the psychic talents of their original mother, but that forms a trap in itself.

The book should be out in March, but I’m always a little uncertain about that.  The best reading experience is Star Time->Tales of the U’tanse->Free U’tanse, and I’m outlining the next book, which should be out in about a year.

The other book project is very different.  My sister Mary Solomon is a famous artist living in the Amarillo area.  She and I have collaborated on a picture book, which is in final layout stage.  Chipper Flies High is a short little tale of a bird living in the swamps of Cape Canaveral who sees the giant Man Bird preparing to fly and goes closer to get a better look and…  Well, that would be a spoiler.

The ideal age for Chipper Flies High would be a youngster old enough to know about rockets and space stations and who enjoy listening to books or just beginning to read them.  There’s about twenty pages of text and pictures.