My Twitter Archive

I’ve enjoyed Twitter since I first stumbled across it early in 2008. Sadly, it turns out that I’m not much of a social media person and when I pulled my archive just for safety’s sake when it went private, I realized I only had about 3500 tweets in all that time. Since there is some… Continue reading My Twitter Archive

Authorial Voice in ‘RL’

Take this as just a casual observation, rather than the result of deep thought: Today, both my wife and I received requests for money via social network ‘conversations’. In my case, Kicks4Kenya casually tweeted about donations for his project, which is donating real soccer equipment to village kids in Kenya. While I’ve never owned a… Continue reading Authorial Voice in ‘RL’

Second Thoughts About My Twitter Contest

Since November of 2007, I’ve been running a low-key contest on Twitter. It was very simple, I ran a couple of Perl scripts to archive any tweets containing @HenryMelton, which for the most part were replies to me about something. Once a month, I ran a second script that randomly pulled one of the userid’s… Continue reading Second Thoughts About My Twitter Contest