Emperor Dad Contest

On the Henry’s Stories blog, we’re about half-way through the Emperor Dad novel.  One of the plot threads is the Emperor’s desire to introduce teleportation technology in a controlled fashion.  From now until the end of the serialized novel, reader ideas about new ways teleportation could be used are solicited in the comments with the… Continue reading Emperor Dad Contest

The Christmas Count

In addition to my Christmas Contest, I thought I’d add a pointer to my most popular Christmas story, The Christmas Count. It has been published and republished in anthologies, but none of those are easy to find right now. But it’s right here on my rather massive website. BTW, I’ve been building www.HenryMelton.com for many,… Continue reading The Christmas Count

Christmas Contest

Two weeks until Christmas, just time for a quick giveaway.  This time, EVERYBODY WINS. If you’re giving a Kindle or Nook, or some other kind of e-book reader for Christmas, you’ll need some sample books to prime the pump. I’m giving away to each person who enters: Time Quadrants, a time travel short story collection… Continue reading Christmas Contest