Christmas Contest

Two weeks until Christmas, just time for a quick giveaway.  This time, EVERYBODY WINS.

If you’re giving a Kindle or Nook, or some other kind of e-book reader for Christmas, you’ll need some sample books to prime the pump.

I’m giving away to each person who enters:

Time Quadrants, a time travel short story collection
A Henry Melton novel of your choice  (see here for the blurbs)

They are available in one of two formats, PRC for Kindle/Mobi compatible readers, and EPUB for iPads, Nooks, Sony readers, etc.

Here’s how it works, go to and give me you name, email address and which novel and file type you want.  I’ll email back a URL to the file which will expire after the contest.  One entry per person, per contest.  If you entered the November contest, welcome back, you can enter this one as well.