My Twitter Archive

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I’ve enjoyed Twitter since I first stumbled across it early in 2008. Sadly, it turns out that I’m not much of a social media person and when I pulled my archive just for safety’s sake when it went private, I realized I only had about 3500 tweets in all that time.

Since there is some talk that Twitter may go bankrupt, I decided to go ahead and post my archive here on my own website just so I won’t lose things like my Hurricane Ike reporting or my personal history of being a writer when I remembered to tweet about it.

Luckily, when you ask Twitter for a download of all your data, they provide it in a web-browsable format. All I had to do was copy it over to my hosting site, unzip the archive and then change all the permissions on the files and folders so that they could be publicly readable. I changed a few filenames for ease of use, but that was about all.

You can view and search it here: Henry Melton’s Twitter Archive.