The Black Hole Network

Rural living has its benefits, but solid internet connection isn’t one of them. No cable, no DSL, and rural dial-up isn’t even as good as dial-up. I’ve had ISDN for awhile, but that’s gone. At the moment, I’m using two network sources, both with serious problems. HughesNet has horrible bandwidth caps, and it’s easy enough… Continue reading The Black Hole Network

My Home Network

Our house, out in the country, has never been eligible for cable modems or DSL, and for the longest time, our telephone dialup line could only get about 28k on a good day, so when we learned that we could get ISDN installed, we went for it. ISDN, at the very best, is 128k, which… Continue reading My Home Network

MySpace? Ok.

Just to see what all the fuss was about, I wandered over to MySpace and set up an account. It’s cluttered and busy, and although I tried to turn off all the options, it still has a lot of distractions. Still, anything that points a link back to my website is good, isn’t it? I… Continue reading MySpace? Ok.