Progress Report on Follow That Mouse

Work is almost done for the Follow That Mouse ARC.  I’ll have it at the printer tomorrow, so if you’re a book reviewer, let me know via the Reviewer Request Form over in the right-hand column, and I’ll put you up on the list.

The cover this time is by the well-known artist, Brad Foster.  We talked cover art at a convention in Dallas a while back and this is our first attempt at working together.  I’m pleased it has a nice touch of the quirky that this story needs.  You can see more of his work at .

As usual, the last thing holding me up is the back cover blurb.  One would think I would be getting better at this over time, but if writer’s block is going to hit, this is the most likely time.
Once I get the ARCs available for the advance readers, I’ll get the final cover ready for the production version.  There are a few differences.  The ARC doesn’t have a bar code.  The physical dimensions of the book spine differ between the two printers.  Little things, but it means I have to build up two different covers.  Most readers wouldn’t notice.


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