Independent Publishing: This and That

I hate to burden readers who monitor this blog for my travel adventures with day to day publishing details.  Unfortunately, that’s where I am right now, so I’ll just list what’s going on, and if you need more info, add a comment.

  1. I raised the price on my Kindle books by $.04.  It’s a legal thing.  Both the Amazon and Apple iBookstore contracts want price parity or better, but the Apple system has fixed price ‘Tiers’ so I have to change the Kindle books list price to match.
  2. After much consideration, I changed my Kindle royalty rates on most books to the new contract.  My little short story collection is too cheap, so it has to stay on the old rate.  I’m not about to increase the price on a $.99 book to $2.99 just to get a better rate.
  3. I notified Amazon, yet again, that they were infringing on my ebooks by making a Kindle version from the Mobipocket ebookbase versions (and and thus selling two versions of the same book).  I had warned them before, but they did it again.  I have to watch these guys.  For more details, read this post.
  4. The Apple iBookstore now has a presence in US, UK, Canada, France, and Germany.  I had to go set up the prices and okay my books for sale in each market.  I’ll probably have to do this on a regular basis as new markets come on-line.
  5. While looking through the FAQ on the Apple iBookstore, I discovered that anyone with an iTunes account can leave a rating or a review on a book, even if they haven’t bought it through the iBookstore.  I need to find a way to urge my readers with the iBook app to go search for Henry Melton books and rate and review.  And ask for that favor humbly and modestly.
  6. Deadlines for getting Follow That Mouse ready for publication are fast approaching, just at the same time that my ATT laptop connect account went south.  After being an unlimited service for a couple of years, they decided it was a 5gb/month service and shut me down.  I just cancelled today.  With no cable, ISDN, DSL, I’m using my RV’s satellite to limp along.  

Now aren’t you glad I didn’t burden you with blogs about each and every thing that comes along.  Hopefully, I’ll have something more entertaining to talk about next time.