Maker on the High Road


Her request for a custom statue of Sailor Moon was just their first step together. Luke Moore worked part time in Plant Operations at Hatch Municipal Hospital keeping the gadgets running, but it was his hobbies that defined him. He made ends meet by selling 3D-printed art at comic cons, and then tinkering with whatever else his skills with the software and the printers allowed him to make. Anna Bushnell, a nurse at the same hospital, was a cosplayer and her off-duty hobby was her streaming video channel Anna and the Fantastic. Then when this garage inventor’s tinkering at the edge of perceptible physics left him in urgent need of a nurse, Anna was the only person he could trust. Luke’s new discovery had the potential to change the world, but only if Anna could make everyone want to watch as the couple forced the world to believe the impossible in the most spectacular way!


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