Alpine Destiny

Centuries after the Plague on terraformed Luna, recovering humanity faces its greatest threat, an orbiting asteroid colony prepared to destroy them.

Using his beamship to explore the far reaches of the forested world of Luna was a joy for Charles—being on the other side of the world put him out of the reach of the people who were trying to kill him. But duties at home called him back to Stampz, where a new Alpine refugee had appeared with a bad attitude and a ready blade when she felt threatened. Plus, he really didn’t mind making deliveries for Duke James who had provided a safe refuge for his people, but getting back into the public eye put him back in danger, and when he barely escaped destruction again, it seemed a great idea to play dead.  But was that wise, or was letting his enemies think they had succeeded actually the worst thing he could have done?

Alpine Destiny is the third and final book of the Lunar Alpine trilogy.

Henry Melton has been crafting the Project history line since the 70s, building an alternate history of mankind that stretches from the current day to a new destiny among the stars.

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