Filling the Queue

As an independent writer/publisher, that means I have to share my time between writing, and getting those words out where people can see them. (Also called marketing.)

That means, in addition to book signings and science fiction conventions, I also spend quite a bit of time using the Internet to make contact.  Now, I’ve had a personal writer’s website for ages, about as long as the web has been in existence.  I also have this blog, and if you take a look at the archive over in the sidebar, you can see how long I’ve been doing this.  Then came Facebook and Twitter and I’m even toying with Google+, but over the past year I’ve been keeping a new bloggish kind of site running, Henry’s Stories.

This is a magazine, where I’m responsible for new content every MWF.

Over the past year, I’ve serialized a novel (Emperor Dad), many new stories that have never been previously published, and many of my stories that were first published in the science fiction magazines and various anthologies.  Sometimes it’s a bit of a race to see if I can keep the queue filled before it runs out, and a couple of times I missed a day.

But, in spite of it all, I put a number of stories out this year, all in chapter-sized chunks.  I’ve taken a couple of days off from my other projects to fill the beginning of the year with another novel, starting on January 2.  You are all well welcome to come watch it unfold, chapter by chapter, for free.  Or click one of the links below and read one of the 2011 stories.  If it appeals to you, please spread the word.  I don’t make anything off of this (not even advertising), other than enjoying the comments and hopefully convincing people to buy my books.