New Blog, Just for Stories

As I type, there’s a totally empty blog over here. But within hours, it will start to show serialized fiction.  With more enthusiasm than good sense, I’ve decided to see how well I can keep stuff coming.

Already cued up are two stories, Patterns, a Young Adult short story that surprisingly isn’t even science fiction.  Second is The Attorney for Passenger Pigeons, which is straight SF.  Both of these are never before published, but I will be tapping into my collection of previously published stories as well.  Expect short fiction, novels, old and new.  If I can make it fit the short serialized fiction format, I’ll be giving it a hard look.

So, add the bookmark.  If you use RSS, add it’s link.  Share the information around.  And come by to read.

Now, just because this is hosted as a blog, it doesn’t mean I’ll be abandoning this one.  Idle Thoughts is here for the long run.  See you around.

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