Finding My Books

One of the common complaints I’ve seen in the reviews is the difficulty of finding books in on-line stores.  The iBookstore, in its current version is no different.  I have seven novels in the listings, but that’s just 7 out of 78,264 at the current moment in time.  Even using the categories, “Children and Teens” or “Sci-Fi and Fantasy” won’t ever get you to a list where you can see my books.  
You have to know what you want before you can find it.  Search for “Henry Melton” and you’ll get the listing in the image.  Certainly I recommend that for everyone who has an iPad, but I still won’t be able to catch the book browsers.  Apple needs to improve their bookstore capabilities.  The big publishers manage to get into the “Featured” lists, but I don’t expect independents like me to make the grade unless we’re already selling large numbers.
So do me a favor, and buy my books.