Configuring my iPad for Editing

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Even before my iPad arrived, I ordered the Pages app from the App Store. I’ve used a variety of portable devices in my writing over the years and this one looked promising. Long ago, I had a Tandy Model 100, then various Newtons. I’ve worked through many laptops and even written quite a bit on my iPhone.

While my main work computer is a 15 inch Macbook Pro, it is just a bit large for portable work. I am in the first days of getting the bugs worked out in my iPad editing work flow.

Pages is a decent word processor that can read and write Word documents. However, the iPad version lacks features the Mac version has. My first hurdle was named styles. I have to create and organize those on the Mac version, but once that is done, the iPad version can use them.

Moving the document back and forth requires a import/export process that could be smoother. And of course there is the learning curve required for the touch screen keyboard and commands.

Still, grabbing the iPad and sitting out on the back deck can be done on a whim, while unplugging the laptop and lugging the carrying case with its external battery system was often too much trouble.

I have high hopes this will be a productivity boost. Cross fingers.