Front Porch Workstation

Front Porch Workstation
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When I went by the Apple Store to pick up a slipcase for my iPad, I saw the tiny bluetooth keyboard they had and I got that as well. It’s really tiny, for a real keyboard. The Apple Wireless Keyboard is less than a couple of inches longer than the iPad and even lighter in weight. It easily connected via the bluetooth setup in the settings.

Having the additional keys over the touchscreen keyboard saves me time in editing, and using the arrow keys to navigate around the Pages text screen saves time over pointing to get to the edit position.

I think I will enjoy having this combination in preference to the keyboard dock being sold as an iPad accessory because this easily works in either orientation. Another advantage is the sound and brightness controls on the function key row. It also controls the music.

What I need now is a case that easily holds the keyboard and iPad in one wrapper.