My Comic Book Appreciation

I see via twitter chatter that it’s Comic Book Appreciation Month in January. That’s convenient. My current work in progress Pixie Dust, which is having its ARCs printed as I write, was definitely my comic book appreciation novel.

Jenny, the diminutive physics grad student who lives this adventure was into the weekly pilgrimage to the comic book stores with her boy friend when she was in high school and also had a younger brother with a talent for drawing his own stories. So when she gets caught in a dark matter explosion and it changes her, old comic book tropes come readily to her mind as she tries to get an upper hand on the problem before it kills her. For one thing, she needs to sew up a magnetic costume to gain control over the contamination.
Inspiration comes from everyone from Superman and Wonder Woman to She-Hulk to Spiderman to the kids of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Old fond memories aid her in solving the physics and murder mystery that drives the story, and even the novel is structured in twelve ‘Issues’ rather than chapter by chapter. If I had a lick of graphic talent I would have illustrated it, but alas, you go with the skills you have. Maybe after it wins a Hugo, I’ll have the budget for a fancy second edition.
Now the question remains, should I do some kind of promotion by giving away comics from the twelve long boxes that are stacked up here to the left of my desk?


  1. Another book? I am so far behind. This looks like another I shall enjoy. What Texas conventions might I see you at this year?

  2. I'm definitely planning to be at ConDFW and Conestoga in Tulsa. Probably more conventions later in the year, but I haven't planned it all out yet.

  3. I should see you at ConDFW then. Looking forward to it. Have not seen you for too long a while.

  4. We'd love to have you at the SpringfieldGAME convention in October. We haven't ironed out the exact date yet, but I suspect if you wanted to come I could wangle you Guest of Honor status.

    (Probably not travel expenses, alas; we're still in the "trying to take in more money than we expend" stage. But if you could combine it with other sight-seeing and research in the area, at least it would let you kill two birds with one stone.)

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