Excuses, Excuses

I’ve got a zillion excuses why I’m not blogging every day. No cell network, I’m driving all day, Mary Ann’s laptop has crashed, so I have to share motel time with her so she can catch up on her Facebook activities.

But I’ve got a download running, so while I still have my keyboard: We have finished Worldcon in Montreal where I got a lovely Golden Duck award for Lighter Than Air. I met lots of people who commented on my WINNER ribbon or my yellow duck necklace and if half of them who promised to buy the book remember to do so when they get home, I’ll be very pleased.

Now, we’re traveling eastward through French speaking territories and visiting Canadian National Parks.

BTW, this is bear country again.


  1. Congrats on the win and the time at Worldcon. I wish I couold have been there. And, since oyu are still in Canada, I assume we will miss each other at ArmadilloCon also. Rats.

  2. Yeah, ArmadilloCon is not possible unless I can wish a teleporter into existence. Right now, I'm on the shore of St. Lawrence Bay (Saint-Siméon Québec). Just saw a whale a few hundred yards from the picnic table.

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