Golden Girl Cover Art Progress

Today, I received some initial sketches for the Golden Girl cover–a set of four options to choose from, based on my first suggestions. I’m grateful for real artists who can take my conceptual ideas and create an image of space and action. In this case, they had to work pretty hard, because my mental image was spread out like a wide screen display and the cover has to be tall and narrow to fit an 6×9 inch book. I ought to have considered that from the beginning, but I lack the skill set and the experience to have foreseen the problem.

I’m looking forward to see what they come up with. I expect to be pleased. I’ve had good luck with the covers on my books and I always get compliments whenever I have them displayed. Not that everyone likes every cover. That would be quite a bit to expect of any artwork. But there is no consensus. One cover that is artistically crude (I requested it that way) is regularly picked up first from the table and often purchased. Great art and art that sells books aren’t necessarily the same thing.
Just as soon as I get Golden Girl‘s final artwork, I’ll post it here. Deadlines are approaching.