Time Travel Stories: Making It Fit

This is the fourth and last of the time travel short stories I’m posting, and the one I wrote most recently. Of the four, Echoes, Litterbug, Far Exile, and now Making It Fit, it was this last that contributed the most ideas to my upcoming novel Golden Girl. In particular, the idea that the whole change-the-past / can’t-change-the-past thing was purely a matter of energy was something I wanted to explore. Another part of the time travel sub-genre that I needed to work out was the idea that changing the past was a necessary element in a time travel story. It seemed that the only choices were change the past and explore the paradoxes, or show the human tragedy of attempting to alter history and failing. In Making It Fit, I attempt storytelling with a different goal. I’m happy with how it came out, and I hope you like it.