Time Travel Stories: Far Exile

The third in my set of time travel stories, as I prepare for my time travel novel Golden Girl, is a bit different. Think of it as a homework assignment. Some years back, when I was exchanging email with a Name agent I hoped to work with, he suggested a few books I might look at to improve my writing. I clicked over to Amazon and ordered them, but as I read, I found them interesting, but not at all my style. Still, as an exercise, I took one of the most interesting stories of the lot and attempted to write my story in that style. Mix a 1930’s style with a 1950’s plot and the result is Far Exile.

Now, some of you will recognize the main character in a heartbeat, but the point of the exercise wasn’t using him in a new setting, but rather using some of the techniques, such as no internal dialog, and strictly limited sensory information. However, I wrote it, so it came out as science fiction, and in some sense, a time travel story. At least in the sense of a visitor out of time.
I never really attempted to submit this story to the magazines, but it at least deserves a little exposure, so please sit back and take a look.