School’s Out. Oops. Help.

One of my long, long to-do list items was to get a book trailer for Falling Bakward posted to YouTube. I had talked to a few high school students and teachers and while everyone seemed to want to help, I was never able to get everything in place, and now, school is out for the summer.

I had put together a two minute video with no actors on screen, just because I knew it would be hard to corral the right mix of people, so I composed a script and a video that was mostly computer images. All I needed was a few sound effects and an appropriate voice to speak the lines.
So, this is a call for help. What I need is a male, high school voice with either a neutral accent or something appropriate for South Dakota to read a little less than two minutes of script to match the events on the video. So any volunteers? Have a relative or friend who wouldn’t mind having his voice on the video and his name in the credits?
Let me know, and I’ll give you the link to the script and the video file.