Falling Bakward Podcast is Complete

The last of the 50 bite-sized chapters have been posted to the podcast and the novel can be enjoyed in its entirety. If you have iTunes, just click here and subscribe. If you use something else as your podcast application use this link to the feedburner URL. The only difference is whether your click is added into iTune’s popularity statistics.

It has been an interesting exercise to read and record the novel this way. It will also be informative to see how many people actually take advantage of this free audio-book. I would love for this to be a success. It would encourage me to do more.
The paper version will be on sale by March.
Here is a blurb about the novel:
Falling Bakward is set in Chamberlain, South Dakota, with a tale of the wonders that just might be waiting under your feet.

Jerry Ingram never wanted to be an interstellar explorer, just a bit more special than a sixth-generation farmer in South Dakota, and that’s why he spent hours after school digging at the mystery spot in the back fields, searching for Indian artifacts. But those bones he found didn’t even look human.
His family were ordinary folks, just struggling to make sunflower seed farming pay, but with maybe a few secrets his father never discussed. Why did Sheriff Musgrave always pick on them, and how did dad lose the fingers of his right hand? It would be great to be more like lucky Uncle Ted and his rich cousins down the road.
But when a cave-in forced Jerry deep into the derelict flying saucer buried there since the last ice age and through a portal to the world of the Bak, both branches of the family came together to hunt for him and reveal just why the Ingrams of Chamberlain S.D. were the perfect people to make first contact with the Bak and why the zebra-striped gentle giants on the alien world had been waiting thousands of years for them.