Email Sigs and Deuteronomy

My mind wanders sometimes during the Sunday morning church, but I think that’s how it’s supposed to work.  I started thinking about my email signature.

There was a scripture quote this morning: Deuteronomy 6:4-9  and it occurred to me that what it was talking about – the wearing of scriptures as jewelry or marking your house with quotes – was very much like what everyone does with their email signatures.  We put little quotes and sayings in our email programs so that our beliefs and such are automatically added to everything we send out.  
In fact, I’ve had Phil 4:8 tacked onto my email sig for years now.  It’s hardly the more famous John 3:16, but it’s a saying I have taken to heart for years.  It’s one of my core beliefs and it affects everything I write.  
But as the service moved on, it occurred to me that probably no one ever bothers to look up my little favorite scripture.  I have other things in my sig, like URL’s for my website and blog, but every email program automatically converts those things into clickable links.  They are easy.  Looking up a Bible scripture these days is harder.  Hardly anyone has a Bible handy at their keyboard.
But, Google to the rescue.  Google a scripture and it’ll give you a long list of sites that will give you the full text in any number of versions.  All I had to do was make that Phil 4:8 into a clickable link.  Once I got home. I fired up and went to my Preferences to change the signature.  I highlighted the verse and Edit-Link-Add… to paste in the Google search link for it:
While I was at it, I cleaned up the looks of my sig and made sure it would be attached to all outgoing emails correctly.  It was easier than I’d thought and something I would have done ages ago if I’d thought of it.  Like I say, my mind wanders during church, but maybe that’s how it’s supposed to work.