Hiding Your Prize

Mary Ann is selling a calendar this year featuring the orphans she bonded with at Namwianga in Zambia, with the money going to help them. The problem is one I have as well–getting the product put there so people can buy it. With great timidity, she finally approached the church elders with the request to advertise her calendar in the bulletin. Of course, they were happy to do it.

So this morning she was at church with a bundle of calendars in a tote bag. And she almost left without even pulling them out. I took her aside and demanded that she hold a calendar IN HER HAND as she walked through the crowd.

There were many people in that milling crowd who had heard about the calendar and would be happy to buy one, but their minds were on a dozen other things. Just catching a glimpse of the images might make a difference.

A few seconds later, a friend asked, “Oh, is that your calendar?”

Go to http://maryannmelton.com to see the pictures.