It’s Saturday Night at Archon and the Creatures are Out

One of the things that makes Archon so fun is the Masquerade. Now, I have to admit that I’m not really into costumes. It would take something major to put me into fuzzy ears and a codpiece, but I love the hall costumes of others. Part of it is matching visions. Yes, indeed, that is young Luke Skywalker in his X-wing pilot gear, and that has to be the Doctor, but I don’t recognize the Companion.

Right now the line waiting for the main festivities is stretched several hundred feet down the hallway. And these are just the ones who haven’t signed up for the contest and presentation. There are the TV inspired, the movie inspired, the anime inspired, the RPGamers, and those who just like big hair and leather lacing.

I’m just leaning up against the wall next to a rack of lightsabers made of pipe and lucite. I’m worn out from the pannels I was part of this afternoon. I might be attended to join the line, but this will go on for hours and I’d be a zombie ( no not that kind ) before then.