Chasing Color

The past few years I’ve been attending Archon in the St. Louis area, and as events have transpired, that has become an anchor point for a yearly fall trip. This year is no different, and if my blogs have been a little erratic in the last few days, blame it on poor internet.

Mary Ann’s nature photography demands a constant inflow of new images, and this is the perfect time to seek out colorful fall foliage. We headed straight north from St. Louis and set our sights on Upper Peninsula Michigan. I have just released “Lighter Than Air”, a novel set here, so between photo shoots, I was able to visit Munising High School and various book stores in the area and let them know that a YA adventure novel set in their own back yard was available.

We stopped off in Horicon Marsh, a wildlife refuge in Wisconson. between Madison and Lake Winnebago, and then headed on into Michigan to spend a couple of days at one of our favorite sites, Northland Outfitters in Germfask. The lakeside cabin had no plumbing, but had a lovely view.

Then, on to Munising, where I put on my author’s hat and drummed up a little excitement for my book, and Mary Ann took waterfall photos.

The past couple of days, we’ve been in the Porcupine Mountains, up on the coast of Lake Superior, and in a perfect explosion of color. I’ve posted a couple of photos as they happen via Twitter, but up here, cell signal is frequently gone, so I have to wait for a motel with internet. Here are the ones I would have posted during the day: Chasing Color Gallery The usual disclaimer applies. These are cell phone snapshots. Mary Ann takes the good pictures.