Hurricane Ambient Sounds

I recorded a couple of snips of wind noise and I realize now I should have done a lot more, but I was thinking of other things at the time. Each of these was recorded in the San Luis lobby near the door connecting to the Condo area. Since the Condo area external doors were letting in some winds (not all) there was quite a lot of wind pressure on that connecting door. We’re lucky it didn’t take anyone’s hand off when it slammed shut several times.


  1. My own feelings are a little more basic. I get tense, every time the tone peaks. When I was recording, I tried to stay back away from the door because the glass was bowing out from the pressure, and I was fearful that one of those peaks, it would blow out and I’d be in the path of flying shards of glass.

  2. Fantastic work, that is a sound I don’t want to hear in real life.Thanks for all your efforts over the last few days and good luck.

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