Back from Galveston

I’ve updated the picture gallery in the pre-dawn hours this morning. Cell phone pictures aren’t the greatest, but with no electricity and no network, the iPhone was a great portable studio for reporting from the island. There’s the gallery for pictures, check my twitter feed for the play by play reporting of those days. I’ll have to sit down and write a more traditional narrative, once I catch up with email and everybody’s questions.

Short version: Being crazy people, Mary Ann and I went down to Galveston to ride out Hurricane Ike in the fortress-like San Luis Resort. We were elbow to elbow with all the major news media, the police and the firefighters. I was out in the eye, checking the sea level as it spashed over the seawall. When it cleared, we toured the island as Mary Ann got photos of the damage and the restoration efforts.
The long version will be much more interesting.