Bonus Points for Marketing Efforts

All this effort at making contact with the world, hoping to sell my novel at 3 bucks a pop, has yielded a nice bonus. People I haven’t talked with lately are writing me. Some are simple emails of encouragement from old friends, and I really need those. Tonight I was pointed to Bill Crider’s blog where he’d mentioned my efforts to sell Emperor Dad. I’ve known Bill for some years now, but never had his email — thus he wasn’t on my original mailing list. Bill found out about it through Scott Cupp, which isn’t surprising. Scott, who I met a zillion years ago, has time after time introduced me to so many interesting people.

Bill Crider is one of those people I deliberately seek out at science fiction conventions, just to be sitting nearby when he talks. Year after year, I’d arrange to be near the comfortable chairs at Aggiecon or Armadillocon where Scott and Bill, and Joe Lansdale and others would sit and talk for hours. I barely said a word, soaking up the stories about books and movies, and listening to inspired insanity rarily seen in real life.

Bill’s mystery novels are collected on a shelf beside my bed and are one of the rare set of fiction I’ll buy hardback the first chance I get. I’m sorry I didn’t realize he had a blog, and now that I’m aware of it, I’m looking forward to mining that long set of archives.


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