I Need a Camera

Not too long ago, I had one. It was a nice pocket camera, in contrast to the professional Canon’s my wife has. Somehow it vanished, and I am reduced to using one of hers. But … I never have it handy when I need it. Today, I’m in Galveston. We’re moving furniture and attempting to hang pictures on the wall of the condo. And there were so many opportunities to take a picture.

Just a moment ago, the volcano erupted (the 10pm eruption) from the Rainforest Cafe down the street, lighting up the sky with the yellow flames, clearly visible from my seat in the (brand new) chair. Earlier today, while waiting for Mary Ann to get a piece of glass repaired, I watched the pelicans soaring above the San Luis Resort. One of them must have banked too steeply and too tightly, because I watched in fascination as he flapped furiously — with just his left wing. I’d never seen a bird do that before. I didn’t realize a bird could soar with one wing and flap with the other. At least Brown Pelicans can.

The pelicans are one of my favorite things in Galveston. Our condo is part of a giant 20-some story wall, facing the sea breeze, and thus the source of one of the best updrafts around. The pelicans come straight at us from the gulf, or down the coast, catch the updraft, and then bank around for multiple passes, majestic and serene, gaining altitude all the while.

I’d love to include a couple of snapshots in today’s blog entry, but alas … no snap.

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  1. Definetly every blogger needs a digital camera. I have a Canan PowerShot A510 that we got for about $200 I think, and we love it. I just posted some pictures I took last night at the ball game if you want to see some examples of what it can do.

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