New Book in the Lunar Alpine Trilogy

The High Quest

The High Quest is just out. It is showing up on the various bookstore online sites. Just like the first book, Alpine Duty, it’s available as trade paperbook and ebook versions. You can even order it from me, but as of today (Thanksgiving 2021) my inventory hasn’t arrived from the printer yet, so it might be a little slow being shipped.

Here’s the backcover blurb:

Centuries after the Plague, the only library on terraformed Luna had been destroyed in a horrific fire. Was the restoration of humanity’s greatness lost?

Charles Fasail, raised a scholar but orphaned by the Great Burn and enslaved as a dock worker in an illiterate culture, has now come into possession of the most powerful weapon on Luna and it seems like nearly everyone wants him dead. Facing the ugly truth that his dream of rebuilding his homeland might be a lost cause, Charles finds himself with great power and no goal to give his life meaning. Reaching out to one of his only friends, they realize that perhaps there still exists a library they could use to restore literacy to Luna, off in the abandoned L5 colonies in space. Charles has the only spaceship left on the forested world, the only way to reach those books, but that just might increase the number of people who wanted him and the ship destroyed!

The High Quest is the second book of the Lunar Alpine trilogy.

Henry Melton has been crafting the Project history line since the 70s, building an alternate history of mankind that stretches from the current day to a new destiny among the stars.

The first book, Alpine Duty was almost a travelogue as Charles Fasail, orphaned scholar, had to make his way on the forested world of Luna, Earth’s terraformed moon. It was a world of low gravity, great winds, and an iron age culture since humanity had lost the bulk of its technology. But then, he discovers the greatest relic of them all.

In this second book, The High Quest, Charles and a couple of friends travel to the L5 colony of Alexandria, long deserted, but home to the greatest library of all.

The third of the Lunar Alpine books, Alpine Destiny, is currently being written.