Goodbye to My Jeep

Sad to say, I’m no longer a Jeep owner. My long-time favorite vehicle, a 1997 Jeep Wrangler that I bought off the dealer-room floor has finally gone off to a new home—after 382105 miles of good service.

Any of you that I’ve met at various conventions over the past couple of decades might have seen my Jeep in the parking lot. I took it regularly to events all over Texas and beyond. A long time ago, I took out the back seat and made space for my book boxes. I had my process down, loading all my boxes, displays and table decorations in one load on my cart, and everything fitted nicely in the back.

Well, 2022 will be different, and I’ve got to work out all the details for that.

Still, I’m glad the Jeep’s new owner has good plans for it. Sooner or later it’ll get that 400,000 miles or more I’m sure.