Why Can’t I Be An Ordinary Consumer: Bento Review

For many years I was the database expert in our department at Motorola. I fell in love with SQL (Structured Query Language), and although I never had the home budget for my own copy of Oracle, I made do, first with shql which made a valiant effort at making an SQL compatible database out of… Continue reading Why Can’t I Be An Ordinary Consumer: Bento Review

Mixing the Wedding Songs

I was up until 1:30 this morning preparing and packaging the music for Debra’s wedding this evening. It wasn’t hard, but the final music selections weren’t decided until very late yesterday — after all the other errands had been done. Finally, I was given a sheet detailing which songs in which order, and some of… Continue reading Mixing the Wedding Songs

Website Revamp

I’ve made several changes to my website today. I doubt many people care, but just because I have it on my mind, I’ll document the changes here. Previously, HenryMelton.com was totally hosted on the io.com domain. I had blogs there long before the word was coined. I had photos, contact information, and lots of details… Continue reading Website Revamp