A Humble Request

At one time, I imagined that reviewers would become much more important in the economy of the book industry. My train of thought went like this: In the old days, when I was younger, any published book had the presumption of a certain level of quality. A book had to be handled by agents and… Continue reading A Humble Request

Things that Work: Brenthaven ProLite Computer Cases

When my wife and I packed for Africa in 2007, a prime consideration was how closely we could get to packing everything in airline carry-on cases. Friends with prior experience warned us that lost luggage is a given in trips to Africa. I had picked up a nice case at the local Apple Store that… Continue reading Things that Work: Brenthaven ProLite Computer Cases

Publishing Timeline: Golden Girl

Looking back at 2008, I felt that I had published too many books too quickly. Counting the second printing of Emperor Dad, I had pushed out four novels, and if the artwork for an anthology hadn’t fallen through, there would have been five new titles. In retrospect, it was a bad move. With my parents… Continue reading Publishing Timeline: Golden Girl