Back from Galveston

I’ve updated the picture gallery in the pre-dawn hours this morning. Cell phone pictures aren’t the greatest, but with no electricity and no network, the iPhone was a great portable studio for reporting from the island. There’s the gallery for pictures, check my twitter feed for the play by play reporting of those days. I’ll… Continue reading Back from Galveston

Photos of Hurricane Ike

I’m posting a few images via Twitter but I’ve uploaded more to a separate gallery. I can’t count on Internet, but if I can, I’ll keep updating there. Mary Ann is posting pictures on her blog.

Hurricane Dithers

Oh, believe me, it’s out there. Those waves, although they’re the only obvious sign that there is anything out of the ordinary, are much larger than normal. The world of modern media and the natural world are quite divided today. I can certainly understand how hurricanes could come up out of nowhere back in the… Continue reading Hurricane Dithers