New Book in the Lunar Alpine Trilogy

The High Quest

The High Quest is just out. It is showing up on the various bookstore online sites. Just like the first book, Alpine Duty, it’s available as trade paperbook and ebook versions. You can even order it from me, but as of today (Thanksgiving 2021) my inventory hasn’t arrived from the printer yet, so it might… Continue reading New Book in the Lunar Alpine Trilogy

How I Write Today (2021)

I’ve been writing for a long time, and occasionally I see people raving about this or that writing program. Some hide distractions, some are plain text, others have elaborate embedded databases to contain all your research. I’ve even written a few word processors myself. One was even commercially available (SAMS), back in the TRS-80 days.… Continue reading How I Write Today (2021)

On the Button

If it hadn’t been for the latest Covid surge, I’d be in Texarkana right now, setting up my table for ArkLaTex Comicon. And while I am glad that the event was canceled, and that I don’t have to make that judgement call myself, I still miss being around all the friendly people in costume, wandering… Continue reading On the Button