Follow That Mouse

Dot Comal loved her home town, although the Utah ranching community of Ranch Exit was too small to call a ‘town’. She had her horse, Pokey, and her father to care for, and Ned from the next ranch over was comfortable to be around when he showed up on his motorcycle. But things were changing. The animals, and even her father, were showing signs of a growing irrational rage. Only Watson Winekia, the old Paiute shaman claimed any knowledge of what was happening, but he was too old and he expected Dot to heal the valley. She was at a loss, until a strange mouse led her to bigger secrets than she’d ever imagined, hidden below her feet. She had to wield mysteries hidden for decades quickly, before her home town and everything she loved was wiped off the map!

Hang on to your reality, because Henry Melton, award winning author of the YA adventures Emperor Dad and Lighter Than Air, takes us on an adventure just on the other side of the line into fantasy.

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