Bearing Northeast

Rule 1: We’ll always be Brother and Sister…
A mysterious metal cylinder falling out of the sky was the perfect excuse to take a vacation when sixteen year old Seth Parmer and Biz, his older sister and sometimes ‘parent’ found their Fresno lives upended by her unexpected layoff. With Seth’s twitter buddies following along on his phone, a GPS tracking signal leads them from California across the continent toward a hidden project in the desolate lands in the middle of Labrador. The electric secret they find there will not only forge a new global destiny for the unique town that they discover, but set a new course for their relationship with each other.

Pack your ice chest, charge your cell phone and bring your maps, as Henry Melton, award winning author of Emperor Dad and Lighter Than Air, takes you on a trek to a place in the far north where a high school science club is reaching for the sky.

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